Thursday, December 02, 2004

*Cough* *Cough*

I would have entitled this *Viral Infection* *Viral Infection* except that just sounds stupid.

No posts since Monday due to a trip to the hospital late Monday night. I only left said hospital this afternoon and am spending the next few days in restful recuperation at home not in Hartford. The theory is I underwent a viral infection of some sort. Of course to get to that determination I also underwent a lumbar puncture (aka spinal tap) to rule out bacterial meningitis and other bacterial infections, an infusion of an antibiotic named Rociferin (sp?) that may have set off an allergic reaction (we're not sure), and all sorts of varying symptoms including but not limited to a fever, dizziness, nausia, generic ill-feeling, and locational onsets of achiness.

It was not fun. At all. But I'm feeling better although still relatively weak and fairly tired. Good things I've learned include: I still don't have MS (I'm at risk since I've had optic neuritis and colitis); my MRI looks fine as does my CAT/CT scan; Saint Francis Hospital in Hartford is without a doubt the nicest, cleanest and best hospital I've ever seen (if your insurance covers it, I highly recommend St. Francis should it be necessary); and I could start a new career as a human pincushion. (All they want to do in hospitals is take blood samples!) All in all a rather (unforunately) exciting Tuesday.

Now if only I could dislodge this piece of cashew that has stuck itself halfway between my mouth and my collar bone... (And I'm not kidding either. I can breathe fine, the piece just won't go up or down. Damnit.)