Monday, May 26, 2008

Watch, Read, Play

I spent today being nonproductive. In my search for nonproductivity, I sought to do nonproductive things. Unfortunately, as is customary with Sundays, I get frustrated and wander aimlessly because I don't want to do the nonproductive things that are available to me.

Watch, Read, Play.

I can watch TV or a DVD. I can read a graphic novel. I can play a game, computer or video.

That's all I've got. No need to go shopping and spend money - did that yesterday. No one to call to meet up. Nowhere to go. Watch, Read, Play.

So I spent the majority of today watching an NCIS marathon on USA and/or reading a graphic novel while NCIS played in the background.

Very nonproductive but also fairly non-fulfilling. It wasn't all that much fun, though I did get through 1.5 graphic novels. But the day is nearly done and time for sleep is approaching. Soon I won't worry about finding things to do, I'll be unconscious.

Sadly, that's the terminus and it is not a stretch to say it equals the rest of the day.