Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Saturday, December 8th

(I wrote this shortly thereafter and did not post it.)

This past Saturday, I had two interesting events planned – meeting up with law school friends (aka a Gathering) & my 10-year high school reunion.

The Gathering was alright. There were only seven of us there (including those under the age of 1) – Capt. Kate & Sneaky Pete & Adorable Anna, The Actuary & Soon-To-Be Mrs. Actuary, and movie.girl & myself. We had a good time – eating & talking, talking & eating. Lasted until 4pm-ish. Afterwards I hung out with The Actuary & Soon-To-Be Mrs. Actuary for a bit before driving back home. I'm glad we all met up though I'm also a little disappointed more people didn't show up. It was the first Gathering in 1.5 years. I'll set another one next year sometime.

The reunion was a mild exercise in pain. None of my friends showed up. None. So I spent my time there (all 2.5-3 hours of it) either talking with semi-random people or standing alone. I really didn't have anything to say to anyone. It was good to see a few people, but only a few – the ones who I was interested to hear about. As for the rest, I really just don't care.

Sometime on Saturday, and I can't recall if it was before or during the reunion, it dawned on me that except for a handful of people (friends and "interesting" people), I really just don't care about anyone there. "Hi, how are you? What are you up to? Where do you live? Oh, that's nice. Have a nice life." I just didn't care.

I don't think it's a fault of mine, per se, but rather a simple extension of my more pragmatic self. Sometimes I'm happy to ignore pragmatism and just role with things. But this time, that night, that reunion, I just couldn't bring myself to really take interest in more than a few people. As for the ones I didn't know and never knew and will never know, why would I inquire? I'll see them again in 10 years at the next reunion. *shrug*

I think one other guy there (not a friend) felt similarly. As I left, I said to him: "See you in 10 years." He replied: "See you there."