Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Life in the Household

This past weekend, my mom had a date.

While this should not be unexpected, shocking or weird, it is, in fact, all three (for me at any rate). I've gone out on a few dates while living at home these past 2.4 years (1 blind date, 2 JDate dates), but I've been reluctant to strongly attempt any sort of dating at least partially due to my living at home with my mom (and dog, formerly dogs). I also don't talk about any of this with my mom. We've never spoken about my dating and I don't really expect to talk with her about hers. I generally find it to be uncomfortable.

In any case, she had a lengthy date on Saturday with some guy she met over eHarmony. I didn't really interrogate her about it, just hearing of the where's and what's more than the will-there-be-a-second-date sort of things. (The repeated comment was that he is quite a "talker" – as in talking a lot.)

I'm sure there's no small amount of irony here, but now I really feel like I need a place of my own. We've been slowly working on getting the house in condition to sell, but if my mom is dating, I don't belong under the same roof. I'm now hesitant to answer the phone if it's a number or name I don't recognize. I know she's likely told him of me, but has she told him I live at home? And I don't quite feel like broaching that one with my mom, particularly since she never really expected me to move out... ever. (Where that last sentence alludes to her surprise when I informed her that I would not be moving with her into the presumed condo she will next be inhabiting.)

It was all the more odd in that her date started that afternoon (around 1pm, say) and she didn't get home until 10:30-11:00pm. I was debating if/when I should call her cell. Do I worry that she hasn't returned home or called? Do I call her at 11pm? Midnight? The next day? It's a bit weird to be worrying about my mom like that as I haven't before. Part of me probably wants to move out because I can't handle meeting her dates, just as I can't handle my mom meeting mine.

Anyways, enough with the analysis. I need my own place. Pronto.