Thursday, November 29, 2007


A fair amount of things since the last post.

Saw Wicked at the Bushnell Theater last night with movie.girl. Amazing show! I highly recommend catching it if they come to a theater near you. This was a rather spur of the moment viewing that she arranged last weekend.

Funny (to me at least) "incident" with movie.girl on Tuesday night. Apparently she'd e-mailed her most recent former fiancé (with whom she broke things off back in Spring of this year) in an attempt to obtain "closure." The discussions this and the subsequent e-mails fostered was nothing short of fascinating. I'll summarize by noting that I eventually asked the silver-bullet question that managed to help her put this guy in suitable perspective. I have to remember how to do that so I can do so again in the future (i.e., ask the "right" question).

Also on Tuesday, in company of movie.girl, I bought too many movies, something like 10 or so. I have far too many to watch. Also need to see a few in the theater, namely Enchanted and Hit Man, though I believe others will be opening soon.

I'm very tired today. I've been operating on too little sleep this week due to: late night working on Monday (not as productive as I'd hoped), usual late night hanging out with movie.girl on Tuesday, and mildly late night with movie.girl last night for Wicked. I'm exhausted. I will get a good night sleep tonight because if I don't I will keel over tomorrow.

Tomorrow night I get to play boardgames. Yay!!! This is fun.

Way too much work to do at work. Waaaaaaaay too much. I am sinking beneath a sea of office actions and applications and it's not getting better. Granted, writing this post is not helping.

Thanksgiving was the usual affair. Turkey, relatives & pie. Notable items this year include my older cousin being 3-4 months pregnant with a boy, my younger cousin going for surgery this Monday to work on a keloid thing with his ear, and my aunt being a little more crazed than usual. Grandparents are doing alright. I bought some DVDs and games on Black Friday.

Traded 2-3 e-mails with a woman on JDate. Currently waiting (hoping?) for her to reply. Will probably suggest a phone call before a meet up as she lives out in central Long Island. Google Maps has it at a shade over 2 hours by car (up to 3 hours if traffic). I'm wondering if taking the ferry (from Bridgeport to Port Jefferson) wouldn't be preferable. I checked and it would only be cost-worthy if I went as a passenger (i.e., too expensive with my car). This is far from an ideal solution for a first meeting, but then we're not there yet, not at all.

Okay, back to work.