Sunday, November 04, 2007

"Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Crohns Disease"

Via Boing Boing I found: "Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Crohns Disease" by Tom Humberstone (21.10.2007).

As BoingBoing explained:
Tom Humberstone produced this wonderful comic for last week's 24-hour-comic challenge, called "Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Crohn's Disease." It's an intense and touching personal memoir about life with Crohn's.
As someone with ulcerative colitis, I could relate to what he describes. I experienced symptoms very much like that during the 1-2 months before I was diagnosed. Fortunately I've been in remission for about 1.5 years now and have to contend with very little these days.

On a broader scale, his comic is an absolutely fantastic look into what life is like for someone with IBD/ulcerative colitis/Crohns. Furthermore, the comments left by others with IBD/colitis/Crohns are incredible. As the author explains in the comic, it's a very.. difficult disease. You don't want to mention it to others, to have to explain what's going on. It's humiliating in many respects. But the comments from others.. sometimes you forget there are others out there dealing with the same problems. It's very encouraging.

I left my own comment there but I want to thank Tom (can I call you Tom?) again. His comic was personal, revealing and honest. His sharing was, in many ways, brave. The comments it inspired (and continues to inspire) are reassuring in so many ways. You're not alone. A simple message but one that is too often forgotten.

So thank you. And if anyone out there is curious what life is like with IBD/colitis/Crohns, read the comic.