Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Fit and The Shan

Yesterday, the fit hit the proverbial shan at work (though I suppose the fit is also proverbial). I'd overslept for no good reason, finally arriving at work around 11:15am only to rediscover that the fax/item I should have responded to last week (or the week before that or the week before the week before that) finally made its way to the ears of my boss.

So not good.

Yeah, in a lot of trouble. Way behind on many, many things. Very ugly.

Good parts: I'm still here. I finally went through my office and now know what I have to get done. I did some things yesterday. I'm doing more today. Things may be improving. No one actually yelled at me very much.

It always fascinates me how, even when you turn the corner (assuming I have indeed turned a proverbial corner), things have to get worse before they get better. There is no magic shortcut to go from bad to good. It's always a progression that undoubtedly dips into "worse" before turning upwards towards "better." I wonder why that is.