Thursday, August 07, 2008

So many things

& so little time and patience. So I present them below in an abbreviated form to ensure they actually make it into a post. Any one could easily be the topic for an entire post, I simply lack the drive to post each under a separate thread in greater detail.

I. Carrie Fisher

Last night I caught the opening performance of Carrie Fisher's show, "Wishful Drinking," at the Hartford Stage with movie.girl and a new female friend of hers. Carrie Fisher's mother, Debbie Reynolds, was in attendance. The show had previously been in LA, this was just the first performance in Hartford.

It was a strange, entertaining and interesting show. I enjoyed it though Carrie Fisher is clearly batshit crazy (but in a good way). I've decided that the show was bittersweet because it was truthful. She's had an insane life that, as she herself explains, you've got to laugh at. The problem is that it isn't fiction and it's all real. Everything she described (presumably) happened to and around her. The show personalized her, flushing out her back story and character. And that's why it's bittersweet – you have to empathize with her at least a little and a lot of it is absolutely nuts. I don't feel sorry for her, per se, but the show is a little less entertaining because the events and incidents are real.

II. Beta Male

I just finished reading Christopher Moore's book "A Dirty Job." Therein, Mr. Moore repeatedly describes the main character as a "beta male" with direct reference to, and contrasting with, the "alpha male" archetype.

I found the concept to be very interesting and applicable. I'm positive I'm a beta male. I've learned to try and own up to my personality, actions and characteristics. It's no use hiding from yourself. A beta male isn't the best thing to be, but if it aptly describes me then so be it. Not sure what I can learn from the characterization. Perhaps it's simply more of a "know thyself" aphorism.

III. Hanging Out: F+F+M vs. F+M+M

Movie.girl remarked on how it was easier for us to hang out with another girl than it was for us to hang out with another guy, citing two male examples and contrasting them with the new female friend of hers. I observed that it didn't particularly surprise me since the two male examples included one of her previous fianc├ęs and a former male friend of hers who wanted to be more than friends. Guys often see other guys as competition, even when they're not. It's happened to me before and I suspect that's what occurred in relation to her previously. I don't know for sure, but it seems a likely candidate to me.

IV. Upcoming Shows

Made plans with movie.girl to see a bunch of shows including: A Midsummer Night's Dream, Spamalot and Equus (starring Harry Potter, aka Daniel Radcliffe). Also working on tickets for Sweeney Todd.

ADDENDUM: Entries edited for some reason or other. (8/10/08)