Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Dentist & Co.

I went to the dentist's today for a check up. I haven't had my teeth checked in quite a while. Although I don't have an official final opinion yet, it looks like my gums aren't in good shape and at least one of my wisdom teeth will need to be pulled. The wisdom teeth in question have broken the gumline so it won't be too bad, no excavating. The gums-thing is somewhat expected though at least I'll finally get them looked at and dealt with. My previous dentist (this is a new one for me) didn't do much to curtail things other than the usual above-the-gumline cleaning. In any case, I have a consultation tomorrow wherein I shall learn all about my various mouth woes.

I'm also off to a bachelor's party tomorrow night in NYC. Should be fun.

Then on Saturday there's the Marching Band Classic. I'm an old bando, trumpet if you must know. I'd like to go to the competition for a few reasons - to support the band, 'cause it was a good time when I was in it, 'cause I may see other long lost high school band friends, and I haven't been to one in 3-4 years. It's about time for another.

Lots of high school marching band memories. Lots.

Congrats to the new Chief Justice Roberts! Caesar is dead! Long live Caesar! (Only substitute Chief Justice for Caesar.)

I need to find my Hartford tv and vcr remotes. Need to tape Friday night's Nip/Tuck along with next week's new episode. (Jewish holidays mean visiting the grandparents and aunt/uncle.)

Not much more here. *yawn* Time for a nap. Or game-playing. Same difference.