Friday, August 26, 2005

Hiding among the azalea bushes. (And the boxes.)

I have spent this past week moving the contents of my apartment. My daily routine for the previous 4 days has pretty much been:
  • Wake up, shower, eat breakfast.
  • Pack shit into boxes.
  • Pack boxes into cars.
  • Drive 1 of the 2 cars down to Trumbull.
  • Unpack cars.
  • Drive back up to Hartford.
Four days in a row, 2 cars each day. Not all carloads have been stuffed cars but that's really only yesterday. So, in total, probably around 7 carloads thus far.

Fortunately I'm running out of things to pack up and nearly have this place empty. Unfortunately, I need to finish everything TODAY. The movers are coming tomorrow morning to move the big furniture into storage.

Unfortunately my computer is getting disassembled today and I know not when it will be reassembled and back online. (Hopefully sooner rather than later.) That may or may not impede anything. (Anything like blog posting and/or World of Warcraft playing.)

So off I go! I really hate moving.